A Shameful Mis-appropriation of Government Resources

By Patrick Carrick and Kevin Parker

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As former federal U.S. government officials, both military and civilian, we are outraged by the flagrant disregard of rules concerning property, resources, and personnel — contrary to law — by the Trump administration.

All federal employees, including members of Congress and their staffs, are trained from the moment they are hired or elected until they leave government service that it is unethical and counter to our national interests to use any government facilities or equipment to conduct any partisan political activity.

It is unlawful and prohibited for any government employee to directly, visibly support partisan political events in conjunction with, or in any way related to, their employment. The specific law that applies to federal employees, the Hatch Act, is clear and specific in describing prohibited activities. …

US Leadership is Needed Now More Than Ever

By Adam Cohen and Lieutenant General Arlen Dirk Jameson

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As our country rapidly approaches the election to choose its leader for the next four years, the entire world watches. …

Repairing Our Military
By Todd A. Weiler

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Our military has been dangerously weakened over the course of the past four years. I am not referring to the hardware of war. Our arsenal of technology and equipment continues to surpass any foe. I am speaking of the persona of the military and its ethos that have been repeatedly attacked.

Behind the powerful weapons and well-pressed uniforms are the people who selflessly serve our nation. They volunteered to take an oath, not to a political party or a national leader, but to support and defend the United States’ Constitution. We tear at their professional core when we politicize them as Donald Trump has done. The danger of a politicized military is not new. …

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