By Retired Army Sergeant Major Rosemarie T. Caraballo.

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The United States has welcomed immigrants blessed to live in a nation that believes in democratic norms. This country allows everyone to flourish if they work hard and take advantage of opportunities not found in places like Latin America. In 1954 and the late 1960s, my grandfather was allowed to come to the United States from Mexico as part of the “Bracero” or “Mexican Farm Labor Program.” His story led to the honor of my life: the chance to serve my country as a career soldier and noncommissioned officer…

Fellow Cuban-Americans: Vote for Joe Biden Because He is Anti-Fascista, Anti-Racista, and Anti-Comunista

By Margarita Cambest

By Rear Admiral (Ret) Kenneth Moritsugu, Rear Admiral (Ret) Clare Helminiak, Rear Admiral (Ret) Julia Plotnick, and Rear Admiral (Ret) James Galloway

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For more than 70 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has protected America’s public health. Whether identifying new diseases or learning how to protect against old disease foes, CDC consistently has been the authoritative source for accurate scientific information to guard the health of all Americans. CDC’s reputation is global as health officials in other nations routinely ask, “What does CDC say?” before taking action. However, this reliability and standing are now in jeopardy.


By Julie Mettenburg

Halstead, KS; photo credit: Max Pixel

As a sixth-generation rancher and Kansan, I am used to thinking in a long-term perspective. We farmers and ranchers must think about the future, about what we want for our landscapes, our communities, and our kids. When I talk to Kansans involved in agriculture, the issues that come up most are health care and climate change. Democrats up and down the ticket, from Joe Biden to Barbara Bollier, are on the right side of both of those issues for Kansans today, and for the future.

As a business owner, I must purchase my own health insurance. As…

By Elizabeth Hogan

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It is no longer questionable that the climate of our planet is changing. How those changes manifest, and the rate at which they take effect, vary from place to place. And the science reveals that they are changing faster in one place than all others on the planet: the Gulf of Maine.

In the last two decades, the Gulf has warmed at seven times the global average; faster than 99 percent of the global ocean. The shape, depth, and position of the Gulf at the meeting point of two major currents, the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream, make it…

By Chris Cole, Sean Baker, Margaret Wilmoth, Dean Taylor, David Delaney, and Rick Devereaux

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We are military veterans and North Carolina residents with strategic planning, medical, legal, and other professional experience. Joe Biden is our choice for president, and we know he is the right national security leader for North Carolina.

Character is the essential foundation of good leadership. Joe Biden models and matches the integrity and commitment of the nation’s military and broader security community. He has earned our respect and we trust his leadership, especially in difficult times.

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of those times. The current…

By Robert A. Sanders

I support former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of the United States of America in the November 2020 election. I believe that Donald J. Trump is the walking, talking definition of Un-American values. I think he and is unfit to be POTUS. My opinion is not based on my Black skin (although it certainly helps), but it is instead rooted in over 40 years supporting the Rule of Law in America and around the globe in a military uniform. Of course, it would be…

By Maj. Gen. Edward L. Bolton Jr., United States Air Force (retired)

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I am one of nearly 800 national security leaders who have endorsed Joe Biden for president. I will vote for him on November 3rd, and I urge all Floridians to join me.

I have had Florida on my mind quite a bite recently. I have spent more days, weeks, and summers in Florida than I can remember. My mother was born and raised in Clearwater. She moved north and had a family, but after she and my father retired, my parents spent the rest of their lives in…

By Ambassador Judith Cefkin (Retired)

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In recent months, the U.S. Gulf Coast has been pummeled by an unprecedented number of hurricanes, and the West is smoldering from historically severe wildfires. This includes the two largest wildfires ever recorded here in Colorado. The intensity, frequency, and scope of these natural disasters — fueled by warming oceans, soaring temperatures, and extended droughts produced by the heat-trapping impacts of carbon emissions — have exposed the reality that the ugly effects of climate change are literally on top of us.

Around the world the reality is equally grim. My experience serving as the U.S…

Martha Duncan

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Climate change is battering Florida. Rising sea levels and recurrent flooding threaten our homes, infrastructure, and drinking water resources. As a Floridian, I am concerned we are not doing enough to combat the threat posed by climate change. We need a president who is up to the challenge of confronting climate change and protecting Floridians.

Florida has been described as America’s climate change “ground zero” because most of its population is concentrated in low lying areas along the water, which are constantly threatened by rising seas and recurrent flooding. …

National Security Leaders For Biden

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