A Message from the Latino Members of National Security Leaders for Biden

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Joe Biden understands that our nation’s future success is directly tied to the success of the Latino community. We agree.

As proud representatives of the Latino community who have served in the military and as national security leaders, we joined with hundreds of Democrats, Republicans and independents in signing the NSL4B Open Letter urging all Americans to vote for Joe Biden. As we state there, Donald Trump has proven himself unfit to serve as commander in chief, and Joe Biden has the integrity and experience needed to keep our Nation safe.

For the Hispanic and Latino community, the case against Trump is urgent:

- He divides our Nation and foments racial bias and intolerance, including in the ranks.

- He has called us “criminals, murderers and rapists,” and impugned a federal judge’s integrity solely on the basis of his Mexican heritage.

- He disparages immigrants from the countries our families came from, telling even those of us born here to “go back where he we came from.”

- His anti-immigrant policies are hurting lawful immigrants serving in our military, veterans, and their loved ones, damaging our nation’s military’s effectiveness.

- He responds to unauthorized immigration with needless cruelty, separating mothers from nursing infants and toddlers, and putting children in cages.

- He attacked Puerto Rico’s elected officials for trying to save lives after Hurricane Maria and then for years has denied the island tens of millions in aid that Congress appropriated.

- His rhetoric against immigrants and Latinos animates violence, including the massacre of 23 individuals in El Paso.

- He coddles authoritarian leaders and has embraced the tactics of Latin American strongmen, attacking the press and threatening violence against peaceful protestors.

- He refuses to condemn Putin’s interference in our election or his placing bounties on the heads of our soldiers — the very Putin who protects Syria’s Assad, Cuba’s Castro and Venezuela’s Maduro.

- His failure to contain the pandemic — which has now killed nearly a quarter of a million Americans, cost 30 million their jobs, and permanently closed one out five businesses — has disproportionately destroyed the lives and families of Latinos.

Joe Biden offers a completely different kind of leadership. He is the leader our country needs now.

- Joe Biden is a dedicated public servant and a man of faith, who promises to represent all Americans, even those who do not vote for him.

- Joe Biden respects our military. He knows what it means to have a child serving in combat. He will restore our alliances and reassert our leadership role in the world in support of democracy, human rights and progress, including here in our own hemisphere.

- Joe Biden understands that our nation’s diversity is a strength and that our nation’s changing demographics demand a president who will unite all Americans in the work of healing our racial divisions so every American can achieve his or her God-given potential.

And Joe Biden has a real plan to address the systemic barriers that hold back the success of the Latino community. He recognizes that one-quarter of all school children are Latino, and his historic “Agenda for the Latino Community” demonstrates his commitment to:

- Invest in Latinos’ economic mobility so more of us can enter the middle class with good jobs, fair pay, higher home ownership, and increased opportunities to start new businesses.

- Improve health care for all, starting with a national response to the pandemic, and acting to reduce health disparities by race.

- Expand access to high-quality education and job training and tackle the racial inequity in education that puts an affordable, quality college education out of reach for too many of our children.

- Combat hate crimes and gun violence.

- Secure our values as a nation of immigrants, including protecting Dreamers and immigrants serving in the military and enacting comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Joe Biden promises to be a president who works for a brighter future for every person in our country. Whether at home or abroad, Joe Biden is the clear choice for a stronger, more united, more prosperous and safer America.

We urge you to join us in electing Joe Biden our country’s next president.


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